What is a package and how to extract data from it in DBMS?

Let me just print all the record from packages Right So for that we need to write select star from packages Right Let me just do that Okay I have written Okay Bs k A G s Why It’s getting okay No databases selected Okay okay I just need to use internet right As you do not use which data, as you need to work on That, is why it’s giving you the area right Okay Now what we are going to do we are going to be We’re in the 21.

Now if we right so let’s start from packages So you can see this is the sector I do You have security to as well So if you just selected I am executing this Can you say you got all the results where sector ideas opposed to one on you got the package I d stayed on sexuality right now we’re going to look at the next query The next question they have this place a package number state on sector number for all packages with Internet speed off five Mbps attained peace You will get it from package double.

What you need to write select packet I’d state sector I d From packages Then where you need to make them lower Right As we know that we don’t want to go for the confusion with the lower and the capital You know capital part right So we make it speed as lower on then we say it is supposed to find them The BS all lower speed is supposed to obtaining the base If you look closer you can see we are going to use all rights the or operator we are going to use over here So this is how we are actually using all the concepts we have learned so far We’re doing all the query every time right We’re doing it right here solving this party right Because I just want you to be more.
You know more with these queries More practice If you start practicing this part right so you will start understanding how you can start using those concepts learning a concept on like do you do this in a proper V on doing the application is ta total whole different story right So in that case what we need to do We just need to solve as much query as much possible right now What we’re going to write select packet I d State idea from packages where lower speeds girls to find them The piers all Louis P dispersed Retailing beauties Let me just execute this Yes Can you see We got all the speed of five and 10 Mbps ESO if you are doing the same thing let’s have a look at What are the Mbps we have in our total table in our total records from right from packages Let me just execute this Okay so we have 7 50 kbps We have 1.5 Mbps.
We have 2.5 and five days in 12 13 are not heard in 12 12 So we’re getting all we’re getting Repeat So we’re getting on Lee the records which are five or 10 Mbps right now what we’re going to do in the next question they’re asking us to display the last name on the month and deposit for all customers live in Orlando right You will get this from customer table so just write Select last name month A discount From where From the customer table Where again You need to make lower Or if you want you can make it up at that time you need to write all the thing in the upper like in the capital world
Just write the city Orlando Right now let me just execute this What are the customers we have for all or do no customers We have ESO in that keys Maybe we can write Sleet Start from uh customers and we will pick a city from their Right Okay we have if I’m not wrong New York we have Chicago So what we have in the table We have New York We have California We have Texas We have Arizona So if we write takes us what will happen Let’s just treat me right takes us right Okay Still it’s giving Okay Oh why It’s giving me this.
This is just something I just write the wrong name Okay It’s calling the city Oh my God I can write Chicago I just make the state Oh my God How can I do that okay right Can you see We have the last name Taylor on the month of discount is now So this is how we are using bedclothes Where the Chicago on duh The name that’s sitting in the Chicago on the last name in the month It is kind of that particular customer is showing Now what we’re going to do we are going to solve the next way what they’re asking to do this play the last name on the package number for all customers whose package number equals nine or 18 performed exercise once using in operator once using All right.
Let’s have a look at how we weigh are going to do that right So if we write select last name package I d from customer care package I’d eat So we have used it so many times If we just execute this we have sleep That is 80 Now if we just maintain the same process Video Select star from uh then where Customers Right Let me just execute this Yes you have back I’d uh, in that case, let me just do that We have Fact I d teen 31 7 27 Ok 39 on one.
In that case, if we right or right Let me just check what you’re going to get here Okay Okay So I just got that either Let me just do this, okay I just need to write it, okay so we’re going to repeat from the in Right Okay So as we can see we are going to use in operating over here So in that case skills what we’re getting we’re getting the only uh Smith whose packet idea is 18 ESO if we write something 23 let’s have a look at if we have something for 23 if we don’t let just uh change the number again is just trying to understand whether the data we have in our data is okay for 23.
If we have something between 18 or 23 so the time you will get that result Now this plays the first name uh main phone number secondary phone number for all customers without secondary phone number Right Secondary phone number is null So in this case you need to get all of our customers whose secondary phone number is null What do you need to write Slate first name phone numbers Secondary phone number from customers Best secondary phone number is null That’s all right So in that case, your Islam Oh function is going to walk over here Can you see So, in this case, we have Charlie’s, Glenn and DeMarcus.
They have the secondary phone number as no So you have only three, Uh you know three-partner the three records who does not have any secondary phone number Right So this is how you can use that Now we’re going to talk about the 24th line The scale of first name monthly discount on the packaged idea for all the customers Without any monthly This counts So we need to check if we are You know this is the first name monthly discount on the package idea for all customers without any monthly discount.
Your monthly discount will be null So in that case, what do you need to write Select first name monthly discount package I d From customers Where Monthly Discount Israel Right Let me just execute this What we will get But you don’t have any monthly discount We have all total food we have Amado We have Pat We have brain Pasch Well is basically they don’t have any monthly discount Right now we are going to jump into the stream functions for how to solve the quality for stream functions Now we’re talking about the stream functions So what question They have the stay The customer number First name in your keys on the last name in uppercase for all customers Who’s customer number is in the range off 80 on 1 15.

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