What are called the elements in HTML code?

Now, what are the elements suppose first year second year third year are the elements, so the element is the part of our unordered list, so first declare the unordered list tag that is UL and there is a closing URL, so this is the closing UL and inside that tag use the list elements, so what is the tag Li is the tag what is the first this is the first year then closing of list allay list element?

Now second you can just copy and paste it will see control v then you can paste it and just change this is the second year this is the third year and this is the final year finally okay so this is nothing but how you can create the unordered list now you can refresh it I will refresh it now see here you are finding the unordered list with the dots in front of the list or in front of the element of the list, so this is called as an order list now what is the method to create order list instead of using UL tag just use ol tag so you can copy this and you can create the ordered list so I am using h1 tag.

Suppose ordered list and close the h1 tag now you can just control paste and instead of UL you have to just type ol this is for order list oil for order list this is opening and this is closing now save it and refresh it now see it is the unordered list where the numbering is not available and this is the order list where numbering is available only difference between unordered and ordered list declaration is in the unordered list you have to use UL tag and in case of order list you have to use an old tag so that tag we have seen like ol tag and UL tag and the list items are same means Li tag is same for both while creating an order list or in creating order list to create a table in HTML now what is the table means tables normally tables are used to represent a data in a row and column format.

The table will have rows and columns and data will be stored in terms of rows and column format so that is nothing but a table now for creating a table we have to use a table tag, so those are the tags that are required to create a table like a table tag then that is a header tag this is a try means row and this is the td means element data this is data so four tags we have to use in case of creating HTML table now suppose this is a table and there are four columns and four rows the first column is id f name first name last name class then the ID one is same shroud and class are third and the second is Arjun bandit and class is first and id3 having the name as a Raj the last name Rn and class are second so now I will create the table in HTML now open the notepad.

This is the notepad and where I am going to write a program for the table now there will be an HTML tag then head and body so inside the body I will write the table or I will write the code for the table so I will have the h1 tag and I will write table, okay and closing of the h1 this is a heading I have given as a table now in case of table creation, so there are four tags we have to use first will be table tags then tr and TD now, first, use the table tag opening and the closing table now inside the table tag there will be heading means first-row second-row third-row fourth row so for creation of the rows you have to use th tag or sorry tr tag for creation of the rows you have to use tr tag and there will be closing of the tr tag and inside the row, there are the elements, so the first row is the heading row.

Data must be written in the tag so that is heading and closing of heading now what is the first heading it is the ID is the first heading then you can copy this th and you can paste four times three times and okay now what is the second heading the first name f name then next heading is last name l name and last it is a class okay after the creation of the first row you can create the remaining rows which having the values so for creation of the rows other rows you have to use tr tag this is a row and the closing of tr and inside this tr this is the second row you have to use td tag for data td for data now what is the first id is this id is one then you can use this four times so you will paste it again paste it what is the first name if suppose raj is the first name last name is Aryan and last class is his class is third.

Now similarly you can copy this you can create multiple rows by typing the same code so that you just copy it and paste it and modify it, so the second name is supposed Amit Arya and the class is supposed second then same you can create one more row just paste it then this third name of the person is Anil then surname is then he is from the first class first know you can save this and you can run it save it then so this is a file header, so the name of the program is header so you can open it in the Google Chrome.

Now see the table is created with ID name last name class and you can find the first row is bold because it is heading, and other rows are not bold because those are the data so by using the table tag th tag td tag and tr tag you can create a table so you can add multiple rows you can add multiple columns.

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