Is it possible to do Data Analytics with Python Pandas?

We’ll have a row number Correct This is 123 like that Let’s take similar to an index in Texas We don’t always injections have difficulty I understand We know this road belongs to upper-class student This road belongs typical of customer This road belongs to Butler Stock This roadblock Take a little company Whatever Right I know Column This is This column is marked this column The stock price this column in sales revenue whatever Similarly can I have a name to the rose Also if I have running water that wounded Simple.

You know what exactly you are doing with other ways and that the operation is same right So that’s what exactly is over data frame is Allah book So data frame This is ah nominee creature that if you can understand this is what we’ll use can consistently so that you will understand it You’re already most of the things you know already What is this Column names You know quality in this state of frame Okay on the index label this is an index Every row hasn’t indexed by default indexes you know on totally like this We know that.

If we want a specific name Toby given so that we can give it next level a different index also okay so on index access is equal to zero means raw accesses The gold one means similar to what We have seen a number explain them But also healthy leg You mean median Annika Lamar Oh Max On a real kind of fitting right on Whatever that is there in between his car data And if the data is not available it is considered any a not available OF it, okay, so these are regarded missing values Let’s sit If you understood this we can you know where to do their deep.

If you have this Let’s play some again Income some see always leading should be starting from known to unknown What exactly We know what they said it as it was given to you You’re not an idiot analyst You’re not trained on this part later Miller whatever This algorithm, of course, is what normally you do Normally they get sick.

If you look at this thing what do you do What Our order of operations You do You look at the data First you’ll see all the data has 110,000 records What do you do try to see faster Few records is it not You will not go to the fair thing Correct So you started to see the first to fury cuts they tell Show me Or does it this data for several You love watching this column A new trade understand.

What is this column type What is column tape What will I want you to help us It’s inhuman It dated eight What are the death rates You know number string kind Everything for Hard bullion number string Arab bullion In our data science terminology we call as categorical variables new medical variables Okay so it is a numeric variable and then but what is a categorical variable This is a category C in debt Ascend You’ll never work with unique values, For example, your customer name really analyze customer name You don’t do that record customer names are been supposed to be unique kind of fitting Even if it is not unique We’ll have a unique value for that customer area something.

We never let and lays a customer name What will Agnelo’s Well we made Alexis get over it We man alleges years of experience are we may analyze his number of proxy sold That’s what our data is correct For example if a customer has protected barter product so productive get up onto me But it’s not just a string It is a category correct repeated reputation is possible but they’re all called categorical Very good and again categorical You have cardinal on our did you learn our listings when you’re lending statistics and basics things So there are different types of their tell you that you analysts in a statistical weight right That little thing you’ll do any hope It is not numeric Masterful Categorical is non-numeric Great example Customer product But what about a priority.

This is a categorical very that there’s a category which perky but correct and else waters his gender male female They have to get ability with right What is the order Order Type of the shipment to type Very saying to ship the product Very treatment I please Home delivery office Whatever rate is true what means off delivery this ship through an iron are true on the road She went type What is it going to take That I have to get started Number correct Yes My name is Categorical E Such is what you do They’re not a unique thing right So it’s a unique thing Usually generally what we lose Us like an l A six We can do that Oh so right Um So what When you have this data then you look at the data types.

You look at the initial values And then what do you look it What do you do this exactly We’re going to learn today how to do it through fighting That’s it Other ways Whatever I’m going to show your drive achy already know we are only trying to learn how to do it through You said that I was given to an Excel Shit What do you do with the data, Yes You tried to understand every variable one by one So in the each and variable if you’re human again today the way you look at the data is different If you look at a categorical later that the way you look at this different Is that really what is inhuman Clean car sales revenue.

How do you look at the data What All things that you try to understand on the data try to understand what is the minimum cell What is my maximum said This is called range What is the minimum-maximum range What is the average sale That is another value right, So what is it already being nothing but mean correct But how they just are always dangerous right Excuse, Yes There’s a world color Clear Everyone understands What is outlier The No Satori, Oh clear Mr. Biggest Value, for now, is the smallest value?

Let’s take all that I have read off age in this room Great Most of us are in the same rail says you And if Air Outlet Huh So what happened They already have become a red includes right And if I have a five-year-old boy sitting in this room when our original that may I would It might not give that actual friend and get the proper understanding of the data because it will get pulled towards Usually they’re the Extreme Values Lock test Last article No Clear right We call our players for the different concept Huge bigger values are smaller very extreme values we call extreme values.

These extreme values will be pulled by the mean So that’s what this medium which is nothing but 50th percentile have you ever toward scorecard person pain 10th percentile 20th percentile Right So percentile So for the 50th percentile it was exactly a month if we put all our agents in the uh descending order I’ll take them redolent that will also tell him Tell me what is the radiator off This kind of it is better than that It is so meticulous and average concept only flake on Then what is the common age status that is there let’s call most of us that that actually says that attracted to is that more correct But is a common thing right Unless what is that variants How much of spread it is there What is car variant Variant Mint variation of the data You want that to tow I am 39 Somebody’s 47 somebody statistics There is a difference between the mean and your values rate.

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