How can you terminate any instance of AWS?

If you come back here right get up So if you take a look at some files I’m not sure of the name of the file where do we get it and have to look into them I do not recall I think it should be knicks No So basically Yep This is where the court has been set accordingly Right So if I change it now it deployed it to three instances And that is right Is displaying that court to me that this is something that we are used for the other application that we deployed And that is why the message is still there not get fooled by that But I believe that just for you it’s clear it doesn’t, what was to be done and what we’ve done Our profit.

We’ve successfully done that Let’s go ahead and get rid of all these resources that are there not plate because we do not want to get charged unnecessarily I’m going to just go ahead and try and delete all of this one by one to let’s start by deleting the environment Copy the name of the environment because it would ask you what environment you want to do it To do that this community terminates say it asks for the name So based on that ST Dominic So again this is the source would be deleted for you and you do not have to worry about what happens next So when is this thing is deleted We also after the lead Other things that are Dana Hand.

Let’s delete them one by one The reason I want to do environments Some of these resources are interconnected so if you try to believe dollar on before reading the first one occasionally it gives another So let us follow the same pattern in which we came in right So let’s just delete this environment first because we’re talking about everything getting the leader here So once this gets the leader even the instance that was circulated even that will get deleted So let’s just go back and see what’s happening.

Now it says zero instances signing Why is that Because the instance got terminated because we deleted the environment that was along with it Now what we do is we come back here let’s see what everything is cleaned up okay so it is under the fears of getting deleted any which way Let’s just wait for it to actually go out and get deleted completely So this would happen Don’t worry about that Let’s just close this go to services and now we go to court by plane We would want to get it off the pipeline that you have So I said delete In this case I lied And they look yard by plane is also believed it.

We’ve actually gone out and successfully implemented or seen how you can actually go ahead and implement what’s on top of your obliques Right So again guys there are a lot of things that you can do Uh you can move an application into production on our production servers with right here So they’re not a lot of things You can actually go out and bring in your applications from different places that you have moving to a laborious and then actually good and host it using the services that AWS has to offer to us okay this is something that should have been terminated by No it doesn’t But let’s ignore that also what will have yours is if I got yesterday he there will be certain buckets that would be created I don’t think all the buckets get the letter when you did environment right.

They were You have like elastic beanstalk a piece of the bucket that we used right So you have similar buckets that are present here But these are not the ones that we’ve used I think out of buckets OK now this is the one So this is the one that I created recently again Not doing that we created So the buckets some states some get deleted, but the buckets won’t charge anything on Listen until there’s data So we should not worry about that If I come here let me try one thing out You see Sami people So whatever date I was there in my report it’s here You see it’s making a copy of a cure So this is something that I did not create, No this was for the demo sick that I had used but it is still here So your data remains here when you talk over history And this is where data gets store when you actually go out and create the resources using here agree it’s called Pipeline Are other was no ups.

I believe that justice clear to you people as in what can you do with AWS steps Okay if there’s anything else that we need to look into let’s quickly scanned through the AWS services that we have on our priority list the up services that we have not played And when I went into the service a spark on in the developer tools Let’s see what loud minor extend us Okay Directly connects right You see that it is a service that makes it easy for developers to actually garden analyze the behavior of their distributor applications by providing request tracing exception collection on profiling capabilities So basically does use for debugging Racine and service map, Okay Okay So this was about the different AWS services that we have in our hands are inappropriate I believe by now What The wops are clear to people and you have some just doesn’t, how they’re wops works on top of AWS.

There’s a hardly mentioned there were ups is something that is trending a lot these days on people are wanting to make a career in There were ups so I’ve actually got these questions from quite a few people Yet as in What is the ups can we use it on AWS I normally have these sessions that I think where people are this kind of questions doesn’t can we use develops with Arab less how is a loveless end up similar or different So people are still very unavailable toward no upsets what you can do with it and how AWS support these services like So when you talk about the ups there’s a lot of scope and this sex 1 ft in the right direction make sure you actually go out and explore these services a little more and try to build these applications You can also try doing that What I’m integrating.

You can actually go ahead and have applications deployed with three different instances and take the availability officers And what happens if one of these instances does actually decided to go down okay, so that’s it Lets in the AWS name of Sparta Machine learning is something that has been discussed a lot in recent times Now whether talk about machine learning data science cloud computing Arab Lewis Big data R B develops Now these are some of these things when you talk over from a technological carrier people normally refer these times a lot right programming technology software development data analysis these items that have been turning a lot to talk about the um anything that has come after 2000 tents mostly.

People have been derived are not direct attracted rather towards these stumps And it’s understandable with the advent of the Internet with the advent of technology data and all these things have become a lot more important And that is why we see people having a trend are a psyche that they feel that they should do these things to have a good career and that is fairly understandable Even marketers have realized that these are the things that are selling points and people are actually trying to bring your head in such a manner that you actually feel attracted towards the stumps So since there’s so much hype about machine learning right let’s talk about machine learning girls.

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