How can you define object size in AWS?

When you talk about an object size your infrequent stories is the only one that requires minimum size for you to have that as it is 1 28 KB in general rate So it has to be me more of that size When you talk about you’re arrested classes like standard English it there’s no limit that but obviously there has to be some sense because you’ll stroll something that end of the day right Apart from that if you talk about minimum stories do recent standard duration or the standard s three class will actually have no minimum duration And that’s obvious as well because it is the costliest one.

You’ll end up being whatever money you do But when are these cycles coming into playtime in the standard one The infrequent one and ugly share one So what are three does for you is it has a particular kind of life cycle right Where Let’s assume that I’m using certain data that I knew daily I know I have to access it with I like it or not So I would be putting it at our inner stories where it can be accessed right away okay whenever I needed That is why this is West Standard stories comes into the picture.

When you talk about s three classes and it is the costlier one compared to the other toe If it all covered infrequent access let’s assume that um there is some data that you’re not accessing frequently You can put that in infrequent um access place where you have to have the data Therefore please 30 days, Okay And the minute awkwardly said it has to be there for the last 90 days The fact that you’re putting your data in there for 90 days they know that you’d be using the service for this longer duration And that is what that is right It’s cheaper Another important point it in you to notice the retrieval rate So forest bite late and see is milliseconds for the first toe materials.

When you say milliseconds later and see that means you can between this data for the first bite in this lesser time depending upon the size of remaining data This time might ready Right But if you talk about Glacier, in particular, takes like 3 to 5 hours So it’s written a standard as far as you, it takes like 3 to 4 hours for you to actually retrieve your leader Right And that is if you follow the normal procedure So there are expedited extraction of data there and the normal extraction of data So when you talk about normal extraction of data it will take a please for us for you to retrieve that data, so that is why it’s called a school stories as well and that is very steeper compared to the other two.

If you can see retrieval fees standard access you are not charged anything for retrieving your data And that is obvious right I mean because you are already paying for the storage that you want to use frequently And you are not going to pay money if you want to frequently store or remove the data from that But the hindsight to this is that will be actually ending up paying more money because you’re storing the data in the costliest world here the other two However these are cheaper But if you want to retrieve your data you’ll be charging But to be rated on these prices ready depending upon home its data and how frequently or how quickly we want to actually access the data.

When you talk about storing it is very cheap comfort with these things And since we’re storing archival data and the others do that miss data that we do not access frequently that means would be retrieving this data once in a while right, so that is what being this party be fees is also not a problem here So these are the types of glasses that in Cables history has to offer to us Let’s see what is the next topic here Okay so we are into the Democrat Let’s do one thing let’s quickly go ahead and see how as three works Then we come back understand What we share is how it works Right on We’ll also talk about EBS Something that I said we’ll discuss later Right The less US weekly get into the S three Remove park for that I love toe Go ahead and log into my concert And so it’s for you to this concert.

They were It says you are logged out Let me quickly Just go ahead and log in and let’s Always see three works right Robin talk What’s three So as I’ve already mentioned you can search for your service under the stories’ domain Here we can type it here It is even available in your history if you’ve used it recently Right So these are some of the services that I’ve used with a Pacemaker elastic beanstalk cloud print Testy right So let’s just go ahead and open a street for what it says is where permanently reasonable The previous was enough street console while we continue to improve a street council located uh keep on experimenting with the consoles that they have So there’s a possibility that if you see this demo and if you go back the concert might change That is how it Nablus is there Not I Is it in this But they keep playing with the concert.

You can see there are quite a few buckets that I’ve created Not all of these buckets are something that I use We can actually go and delete it I’ll show you how to delete one So I’m when I try to delete a bucket to last week for the name off my bucket s three-bucket demo 321 is the name here Right So if I say the late so you to last me to enter the name s three But get them all leave one And naming convention is also particularly here You are not allowed to use gaps when you actually go ahead and create industry bucket sample The Montreal want demo one tried I will delete this one as well and I let the lasting bean stalk buckets be there It’s a paean to actually delete those I think I’ve left some off my instance Open up and running And that is why I cannot delete these buckets because these fall under particularly source group.

That is why I’m not able to read these I’m not directing them from Let’s just go ahead and create a new one, Okay I see Create a bucket let’s call it, Okay See It says you cannot use capsule right I again miss by mistake I put a cap that Let’s say that my bucket today let’s call it they a bucket let’s see what they accept this name The probability of getting this kind of names is very less because good These names are unique across the whole loop So somebody’s used this name You cannot actually So in Mumbai specific or Pacific other it is going to get collect created See it accesses global rate I mean men are you try to create a bucket or you are industry the access all officials global.

Where is it reciting right now It is an issue specific Mumbai Listen next See I told you it would be rare that we get this kind of bucket name and it has denied us that Right Let’s just use the standard form large and 321 to it and just sit next Okay Dim Bigotry to and also exist 3211 more times Now let’s see now It should be definitely there Right So of worsening Do I want to keep words anyone I can actually go back and activities again if I want So a lock Something that I have not to need So I’m not going to activate it here because I want to show you how to maintain the virgins of the files That you right let us the next funnel block All access is who I wanted to be An open back it.

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