How can you create a circle using a JavaScript program?

We use the art method to create the circle Right So lets This is also done right We have explained this thing fell style begin path close path and fill This is also for circle And now we need the school Right So for the score basically what the school represents The marks All right So if a user will through a point then he will call this method on if a CPU wins a point then he will call this method So that’s why we created the score on this has three arguments the text And then obviously this will be placed somewhere in Canada.

We have to use the exposition and white position for this right guys So after that we will use the same thing First we will fill in the style that is the color will be said to these Whatever we wrote this will be That will be the color of that is white And then the phone that is 60 pixels on then the family which is blonde that is area So this is this index for that Right on after that field text whatever we wrote in whatever we get from the function.

Function arguments that text will be here on then the exposition and the white position Simple Right So this is for creating the score Okay And now then this draw separator basically what I’m going to do Uh I’m going to use a loop here Okay for this When I’ve used this loop Basically what I’m doing I am just iterating and what I’m mean to say Basically I’m creating in the middle of the canvas I’m creating rectangles right And after some space where I’m creating again a tangled tangled tangled rectangle so that there will be a space between the user position or the user bar or paddle or embassy by battle Okay, soot hat’s what I’m doing cool.
Let’s see You see I created a rectangle and then the separation Is that the object I used here Okay separate object This So I’m setting its exposition It’s white position right separate dot EXE separate dot Why And then plus why Because I want this thing Toby separated I will show you first Let me run this thing let’s say this thing and let’s connect this thing with us Three Maybe Then we will be able to connect the dots Okay so now and I run this program This is the output that I want If you see carefully the positions That is the position The bar that is the CPU bar is on the left side Sorry The user bar is on the left side on the CPU bar is on the right side.

We want we’re creating this thing Basically that bar is a rectangle function that we call Then the draws text that we use Right The draw text function that we used right was that zero that is represented for both the user on for the CPU that 00 think Okay And then the separation line That line you see off arrange color is I’m creating the small rectangles off with which is having less with and less height Okay on the location of the circle is on the center Okay Now what’s Opera told Let’s see that What if we didn’t subtract that thing from our Wait Okay let’s do it for maybe CPU.

If you see if I don’t use this thing, okay I just removed 10 minus 10 which was with Okay Now let’s see if output remains the same or not Now you see that thing is gone because worth off Canada or whatever was the weight off that it got hidden It does not hide Basically it got after it got removed before that The canvas that we bathe It is after that So to include that thing in our canvas That’s why we’re using the subtraction side Okay Voted superior on what if we used 20 here out of the window Exactly Out of the window of the canvas Yes Exactly So what if we didn’t include the included the height as well lets moves thing on You see we’re just whatever we wrote here.

We’re just printing everything in the center So that’s why the canvas does not hide Whatever The height of the canvas is divided by two That is the exposition Okay the white position now Well let’s save this file first Now let’s see whatever the height was off this now you see whatever the height Fatwassstarted from that point Okay so basically it is not in the center-right If you see what difference did it make highlight guys be shaking You see What difference did it make So it’s not in the center of the position Because again this creation the exposition and the white position is that it’s the center-right It’s the center point So center point we need to remove that height that we located to it.

When I use this height to subtract this thing so after that you will see Then it’s aligned to the center, Okay Now let’s refresh it Now You see it’s a line in the center Same thing I’m doing for every object Okay now let’s see What are the things Okay Now how I created this separate So draw function is clear So draws court again You will see this right Yes It is not in the center Exactly superior.

Now what I did what creating the three separate function right The separator That line that was off the orange color for that I used loop, Okay It’s the age started from the middle point Exactly Appreciate Appreciate is right It’s the age Yes started from the center point that is starting from the center point Soto brings that thing in the center We remove that What The height thing okay so now the separator function If you see we’re looping around up to the canvas height okay From starting from zero And every time we are implementing it by 20 So basically here it represents the 20 does not value 20.

Basically, it is a pixel kind of thing so that there is a separate gap between what Egypt Each rectangle Now if you see you see there a gap if you see my mouse pointer where I’m pointing you see this gap This is created Then another rectangle is created Then I’m incriminating it by 20 Then that means there is a separation Now if you see if I implemented it by maybe 50 then there will be more separate They will eat rectangle will be much apart Okay It will be you see how they’re more apart from each other because I created this 50-pixel gap between them, Okay Now let’s remove this Keep it 10.

Let’s keep it 10 as it was It was 20 right So yeah So now what I did I’m just setting creating the rectangle on each rectangle Now you see I’m not doing anything with the exposition because exposition the same The white position is varying So that’s why whatever is in that I will vary on what the boy position is changing on after that same thing Very thanked Hector set on then the color Right guys.
So it’s basically what I’m trying to do here I’m creating rectangles Okay now this helps the helper function that I created basically what it contains.

Now this callback function that I’m using basically let’s go from line number 86 Okay you see what does that interval function do It calls this thing again and again right So this thing will be basically whatever I am using because I am using this to create an illusion that my mom my this whatever is in the center that circle right Or that ball is going What I will do whenever it’s called for example let’s visualize it Why I’m using so first time when a function is called everything is black Okay on now whenever everything is black there’s a circle on it Okay Are the ball on it now Whenever this certain interval function is called.

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