How any special character decodes in APEX?

If any special characters happen to show up and it will encode those special characters that they play nicely with the URL did message you on whether my um go ahead and you’re almost there get rid of um we’re actually I’ll modify your link real quick copy that so you have this I’m just going to put this up on my screen and you can loop and so just go ahead and this app page ID this whole section here including this one of the colons will just get rid of that, so the assumption here is that you’re staying in your application you’re remaining you’re then going to page for your maintaining session state which is good and then finally you’re going to set p for MP now to the employee number of the record that was clicked.

So I’ll go ahead and put this back and chat for you at me back out there we go okay so yours so what should happen to you and let me save and run now when you click on a person it should go to the page in your case page 4 and you should see that person is that true all right awesome and the last thing is we don’t have a tooltip we said we had a tooltip or we said we would like to show the employee number as the tooltip but we don’t have one so what we’re going to do is we actually need to go back and we need to go to the attributes of our tree and by default even though we said that we wanted we clear where we specified what type of tool tip to use or the value that we wanted to use for the tooltip we still have the tooltip setting is set to none so we’re going to change this to database column and that means it’s just going to go ahead and use our database column as a tool tip and um Marianne.

If you want to try something a little different what you can do is since you’re going to UM you’re setting the value of P for MP know in your link you can use the selected page node ID our selected node and page item and you can for you you can go ahead and put P for amp no for anyone else whatever the employee number item is that you’re setting you can put that here so in my case it would be P 100 amps now but might that item doesn’t exist and I think it will bark at me because of that and what that’s going to do is when you go back to the page if that item has a value in session state it’s going to focus in on whatever node whatever that node matches that so, in other words, let me save this so you have to database column the to the call the column with the name tooltip, so there’s actually a column here that we’ve configured called tooltip.

So whatever is in this column the tooltip column is what’s going to be used the apex team this is I believe this tree and the reason why this is the configuration is staying the same way or is staying this way is that I believe that they’re just adhering to their legacy configuration and newer components tend to let you just pick random columns or create your own this type of I believe the apex team is trying to get away from this type of column configuration if that makes sense so in other words if you said tooltip column it would then just let you pick whatever column you wanted to use instead of having forcing you to explicitly create a column with the alias of the tooltip that’s a question on that URL definition, yeah so you had the app ID which is apparent so I had page number I yep understand sure so the URLs if you only understand one thing about the apex URL and that is the first three parameters are pretty much the most important.

So let me just grab this URL actually I’m going to grab the first three parameters to this URL I’m going to grab my nope or my little editor, okay so all this is saying let me go ahead and I’m going to do that do it this way and this is just an apex URL this is just how you know that you’re dealing with an apex URL and here it’s just saying the application ID we’re saying the page within the application and then here we’re saying the user’s session okay so if you don’t if you only understand one bit one piece of information about from the apex URL it’s this application ID page ID and session so, in other words, you need all three of these things to make a link that goes somewhere for a user and like doesn’t prompt them to log in again does that make sense okay there are many go ahead application ID or you’re saying the name and then put the value but on the page number, you didn’t say the name oh sure yep.

So let me go back I see your question so you were seeing this right I’m not actually specifying what the name of this parameter is at runtime apex is actually going to inject the current application ID into this location so in other words the the text ampersand app underscore ID dot are going to be replaced by a number so it looks something kind of like this and then I also had a page ID and what this was this is going to at runtime just like this is going to be replaced by the current application ID this is going to be replaced by the current page ID so in other words it’s going to get removed and then replaced by whatever the pages that make sense absolutely right so for the rim / for that in terms of the for the recording what Mary Ann said was either you use a substitution value like this and to make things relative or you hard-code a value for your link so instead of a relative page ID you could just use the number four ok any questions on the tree workshop gym or veto or Mary Ann.

So I’m going to go ahead so that I believe the question is when you come to attributes and you’re just taught you’re talking about how to configure the tooltip ok so I currently have it set to database column and so basically what that means is whatever text is returned by the tooltip database column are the tooltip alias and is what it’s going to display so let me just go ahead and make sure, yeah yeah I’m not that holding on give me one second you know you’re fine alright so we can see here we get the employee number that’s great now when we go back there’s an option here that says static assignment and it’s asking us for the tooltip source in other words static assignment is asking for a string literal it’s asking for something that you want to have displayed and it’s going to display the same for every row so we can say something like click to edit or something whatever it is that maybe you want to say, so this isn’t specific to any one person it’s just kind of generic yeah.

So when we refresh this you can say when my mouse over it says click to edit and I mouse over this one it’ll also say click to edit so just as a string literal static value.

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