Here is the advanced data science algorithm?

It’s Trailblazer Sportsline Or is it the other way What Portland Trail Blazers straight So this is a basketball team like your typical I pl teams that we have you know in India on de So the entire case studies about So there are merchandising You paid for the players you build your teams And then where do you make your money from the revenge immortalized to your fans So the team that has the most number of fans you know who will buy into their merchandising products who will sign up for their you know entire season packages So I will go for my team You know whenever they are playing be it at home or be and you know different locations So I’ll buy the merchandising products Various things that fans do And that’s that Even you mortal of these teams right.

Thrilled Band Portland Trail Blazers is a difficulty a basketball team which has no certainly over the past 34 years Going through tough times it’s the venues have started declining You know at one point people would come to the stadiums and watch its matches And what do these you know teams derive the most from the fence which is in the same region So like in our I Peel relate to it right Bombay Indians would have the greatest number of fans coming from Mumbai and that’s where you did I would have been used on in-stadium revenues off stadium revenues to modernizing another thing on the Portland Trail Blazers has been doing bad onboard defends Unfortunately it has Its form is not good enough.

It’s not winning enough At the same time its players are in a lot off You know there are a lot of offline controversies that this team has been plagued it based on which you know its players have in court In drug abuse there are physical fights between the players There are lots of controversies going the rounds so the anti team is in a bit off for chaos Beat offline activities their form And suddenly the interest has declined from the steam People are not coming to the studio Now The entire management wants to bring back the fans to deceive you right So there’s this is the entire case study in the U N A Gist If you go back and pick a file from your data sets called Choice in class.

Let’s try to answer these questions How many of us I didn’t do Web cities You don’t Netflix or Amazon right Have we seen the latest season off inside edge to anybody Okay you have seen that right Haven’t seen this movie Corn Moneyball Brad Pitt on you know it uses it derives the entire movies based on analytics So if you are you know into analytics to watch this movie It’s a signature movie for analytics on He’s representing a player called as Bill James Uh that big and he builds that So he was an ex-player once upon a time you know touted for he was really picked up at the high school level itself It’s a real story on predicted to be a really promising start based on the way he bats He hates.

He throws he runs you know all the variables that you decided to pick up a great promising upcoming baseball player So this guy Bill James was picked up based on all these attributes that he was doing really Vallone on Then you know he had a very disappointing career so he stayed in the game for about 67 years Could not you know to go to its true potential fulfilled the promises and that’s what you know He ended up becoming a coach off Oakland Athletics as a team And you know that’s where you pick up players like an I p L You pick up players on various attributes He came up with this concept.

Why is it just money which is deciding You know people based on their reputation based on their big names based on stars we are giving them high money The best of teams ultimately end up going to teams which have the most money So it’s decent wanted You are beginning with Oakland Athletics does not have enough money to play around with the end of the bad players who are lowly ranked And that’s the way you know We are never able to win enough number off matches, So what should be the criteria for picking players in baseball And that’s where they came up with this come call a sabermetrics sabermetrics saber metrics?

What does it mean It is that I from Sabers a Br with its society off American baseball The such the entire fundamental is based on analytics You don’t pick up players on their you know the money that you give them or on their you know stars Sorry names and reputation You build up analytics for it And even if you build up analytics for it think about it You know people who are in winning teams will be apart often in things They will go along with the pack light and they will be ranked higher So what do you do Yep?

You then build your entire team based on analytics so that you know you could even go to minor league tables and pick up and coin coming promising their big stars is known What is their hit parade Almost They can hit out on you know what is their contribution and winning in their teeth So they are not just a part of anything That was their contribution Inventing That’s what saber metrics based on the analytics you even go to Players may have biased against whom we may not pick up because you know somebody could be bad in the left hand Throw somebody.

You know it could be somebody could be overweight or somebody may not have played enough number off international matches to be qualified But what this allows you to do is go back to these minor league tables and pick up the best and promising stars straight away throw them into the game and then think I don’t know that That’s what this guy did Bill James And he was able to turn around Oakland Athletics and give them 20 straight wins Historic Pretty Straight brings based on analytics Inside Edge to also uses the term saber metrics So if you watch this entire season of the new building in I feel that’s what is presented inside edge to its based on analytics So is one team who’s creating their entire team based on analytics and picking up players who others were nor picking because of all these vices that we have towards them But they were really contributing when they were giving chances.

This entire case study that you see you no choice in class that you you have the PDF for the case study and look at the Excel file for the questions that we are trying to answer based on choice based conjoined analysis So the team management as as as we saved discussed earlier van This survey amongst about 9 60 ex customers or extra fans off the team who had in the past both season passes passes for their team So they decided you know to ask about our team and the dwindling interests while people not coming back It’s best to go to our fans or expanse people who have purchased tickets with us And what can we do to bring them back into the stadium and the survey vase run So these were a set off 20 questions that would come into your online surveys computer screens that there would be different on the nation’s off each of these four variables that you see on your screen right now So there were questions and packages offered to them based on So what if we give you uh you know the season bus kind of a three game pass or a six game bus or a 10 game bus No it’s like a season ticket.

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