Let’s try to drive the RMAN with scripts.

The idea is we use store script, we use script stored scripts are stored in the repository but not in the control file repository you have to have a catalog database if you’re going to store scripts in the repository have three in the catalog repository if you don’t have that use operating system scripts … Read more

How can you Restrict and sort data?

Restricting and sorting data, the where clause and sorting date of the order by Clause and we’re also going to do something called ampersand substitution which we’re going to get into someone had asked about can you like write it write some statements that allow you to prompt the user for some data and then … Read more

Customizing reports for Oracle APEX.

Customizing reports so this is something that we definitely are reports or an object that we definitely or a component that we definitely deal with a lot in our applications right they typically have a lot of data we want to expose that data well the first type of report that would take a quick … Read more