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Bitwise OR ( | )



Bitwise Operator and Their Symbol

OperatorsMeaning of operators
&Bitwise AND
|Bitwise OR
^Bitwise XOR
~Bitwise NOR
<<Right Shift
>>Left Shift

How does this Bitwise OR converter online work?

At the very beginning, you have to give the two inputs in the input section. It works only when you give inputs on Decimal Number. After giving the input you need to press the calculate button and the result will be shown in the answer section. The answer will be in Decimal number. If you need to convert the answer into a binary number you can use our own Decimal to Binary converter tool. To use again press the Reset Button and continue.

It takes input and in the background, there is running a Javascript program. The programming codes calculate the Bitwise OR and Give you the output in the answer section. No need to worry about the correct result it always shows the correct result as there is a Javascript code running in the background. Thus the Bitwise OR converter online tool work.

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